Foundations Supported by Proceeds from Book Sales


1 – I Am Poor 

Foundation Supported

  • Donation given to Father Alexis O’Lenga  for Grassroots support to the Democratic Republic of Congo

2 – I Do Not Have the Freedom That You Have as a Woman 

Foundation Supported 

  • Donation given to; Grassroots, Enga province, Papua New Guinea, Empowerment of Women & Poverty Alleviation & Health
  • Donation given to; Eglise du Christ au Congo,
    • $3000.00 helps keep a community health clinic open
    • $6000.00 helps 50 victims of sexual violence to recover and return to their communities.
    • $18,000.00 helps 150 victims of sexual violence to recover and return to their community.
  • “World Accord” –  Microcredit for women in Guatemala.

3 – One Day My Child Was Playing, the Next Day He Had Died                  

4 – I Have No Education                                                                                                  

Foundations supported

  • Various literacy foundations
  •  Plan “Because I am a Girl” Campaign,

5 – Why Are Women Dying, Giving Life?                                                           

Foundations supported

6 – I Am Tired of Seeing HIV as the Price of Wealth

Foundation supported

  • Grandmothers to Grandmothers North Bay Chapter (Stephen Lewis Foundation)
  • Grandmothers to Grandmothers Haliburton Chapter (Stephen Lewis
  • Grandmothers to Grandmothers Toronto Island Chapter (Stephen Lewis Foundation)

7 – Where Are Our Leaders?  Why Have They Forgotten Us? 

Foundations supported

8 – We Are Still Waiting 


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